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Aug 10, 2019
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I have the Toshiba 32C3030D and was looking at buying a upscaling DVD player, had the Toshiba SD370E in mind - dont want to spend a a lot as i rarely watch DVDs, just standard freeview

Then i read a recent post 'DVD Upscaler - I cannot see a difference' - http://whathifi.com/forums/t/1332.aspx

I did not know the spec of the TV and DVD in question in this article, so thought i would ask the experts.

Would there be a noticable improvment with the Tosh SD370E with my TV?

Thanks for your comments

Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
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If you're not desparate to buy, we've got a test of budget upscalers - including the Toshiba, the new Samsung, Philips and Denon (all @£100) in our issue due out 20th September.

The post you are referring to discussed a 40in Full HD TV, which is going to require by necessity more scaling work than the 32in HD Ready set you own.

Are you upscaling DVDs at all at the moment via your player, or letting the Toshiba TV handle it all? And how is your existing DVD player hooks up? If you've got an old player, you may see as much benefit from connecting via an HDMI-enabled player as much as any scaling the player does...


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