DVD player or HD/Bluray or sound?


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Aug 10, 2019
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Variation on the old HD-DVD vs Bluray debate I guess, but I'm just about to order Panasonic TX-32LXD700 (which will be my first flat panel TV, and I'm hoping the image quality will be as good as my decent 25 inch CRT) and am trying to decide what's the best thing to buy to go with it (if anything). I've got a Panasonic DVD-RV60 which is great, but I'm guessing that since it predates HDMI connectors and upscaling I'll be able to do better picturewise, so one option is a decent HD compatible DVD player. Alternatively the Toshiba EP35 HD-DVD player I like the look of, but since I'm guessing that most of my viewing is still going to be normal DVDs rather than HD ones for a while yet, am I better off with a normal DVD player and maybe saving a bit of cash? Or just stick to my existing SCART/SVideo connected DVD-RV60?

The other option is some "wife friendly" sound. We've not got the largest of living rooms, and I've had to downscale my previous setup of AV anp and floorstanding 5.1 speakers because I just couldn't justify the space. Also the plethora of remotes and having to write instructions for my wife on how to turn the TV on put paid to that, but I miss the quality of the sound I used to get, even just on normal TV (I have indicentally since bought a Logitech Harmony 555 to, hopefully, largely solve the complexity/remote problems). I'm thinking of a Sony DAVIS10 on that font, or possibly a Yamaha DSP 900 or similar. I'm slightly put off the DAVIS10 because of the lack of upgradability (DVD player being built in), but maybe it's what I want as a short term until I get a bit more space in the living room and the HD-DVD vs Bluray becomes clearer, or downloading becomes realistic.

The other possibility for my dollars is Sky-HD, though I'm put off by the monthly subscription cost. We already have freesat Sky and I just pay for the Sky+ part (couldn't actually live without Sky+), and I'm considering just upgrading the box to get the BBC, Channel4 and ITV HD channels. We do watch TV most of the time rather than DVDs anyhow.

Suggestions and comments?


In answer to my own question regarding SkyHD, I think that I'll wait until March and see what Freesat offerings there are and see if any of them live up to Sky+ in terms of ease of use. (that's assuming that Freesat actually arrives in March, from what I read it seems to have been delayed several times already).

Any sneak preview information about what Freesat boxes might be available and whether any of them are going to provide PVR functionality at launch?


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