DVD-only multiregion option for Pioneer BDP-440


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Aug 10, 2019
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Dear folks,

I´m desperately looking for a DVD-only MR for my Pioneer BDP-440...

My previous BDP-320 and 430 were both made DVD MR by a firmware file on USB I was given by SSAV Chelsea at the time, they however seem reluctant this time as I´m not a customer any more (I bought the player in Austria and they are of no help there)

I´ve even tried 2 "hack" remotes off eBay, no luck whatsoever

Tricky is that there are some online retailers in the UK and on eBay who sell these either DVD-only or BD/DVD MR (hardware modified), they just won´t respond to my emails about this...

Is there some solution for this or do I really need to buy some region-free DVD player for my reg. 1 DVDs??

Any help is highly appreciated


I was given a One 4 All remote by a dealer, which was pre-programmed for de-regionising (is that even a word?) Pioneer DVD players, and I tested it on a BDP120 and BDP320 Bluray deck and both were successful.

Can't comment on whether it works with a 440, but if you're desperate it'd be worth a shot!


Yep, I heard about it and one guy on eBay who was selling the BDP-140 DVD MR said he did it thru that...

I can get such remote here, the question is what about the particular codes...


Well mine is pre-programmed, and I don't have a Pioneer BD deck anymore.

I could always send you my one (as long as I can find it out) if you cover the postage, and you could give it a crack.


That´d be very cool...

could you please ask that retailer (if you can get a contact, of course) what was the codes and what´s his opinion on its ability to work on newest Pio BDPs?

One 4 All remote can be had for cca 10 euros here...I could buy one and program it myself

The thing is I´m in Bratislava, Slovakia, so not sure what the postage from UK could be...but of course, if he says it should work but he won´t give you the codes, I can post you the cash on PayPal so you can send it to me...I guess it can´t be more than 5 pounds for that...

Thanks a lot


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