Dubbing problems with separates system


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Aug 10, 2019
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Being a complete novice at this, I took advice from What HiFi before buying my system. I purchased a Sony STR 1200 ES receiver, Sony KDL 2530 S 32 inch TV, B&W MT2 speaker package and a denon DVD player. The DVD player is conected to the receiver by HDMI and the receiver to the TV by HDMI, and after all this effort when watching DVDs the dubbing is quite often out of sync-what have I done wrong? is there some idiots guide to connecting these things together?

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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I assume you also have a digital audio cable from the DVD player to the receiver, otherwise you're only getting sound through the TV and the receiver and speakers are an expensive boat-anchor.

Pull the DVD-receiver connection and receiver-TV connection, and HDMI the DVD player straight to the TV, ignoring the receiver - that'll help the lip-sync a bit. Then use the player's lip-synch or audio delay control (in the menus) to get the two back in sync.

The problem's caused by the minute delays in the video processing in the player and the screen, meaning the pictures get to the screen slightly after the sound comes out of the speakers.


Hallo friend,

Why dont you connect your denon DVD player direct to your

Sony KDL 2530 S 32 inch TV

You can get more clear picture than connecting to the receiver.

Actually the receiver is just acting as a splitter to connect to one another.

In case of video switching it would be better to connect direct to the TV.