Dr. Feickert Analogue - buyers beware!

Not sure if anyone is interested in the this manufacturer and their turntables but if you are then be aware their after sales service is atrocious.

Whilst I have nothing but praise for the equipment itself the length of time and misleading directions I have experienced in trying to get a replacement armboard from them is a tad concerning.

Perhaps this is why they currently have no UK dealers.

Perhaps also I should have stuck with SME or Michell.


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Mar 3, 2010
No experience of them but yet another sad sorry tale to add to the growing list of companies for which poor customer service is becoming a norm. Too much emphasis on pretty glossy pretty websites and Facebook pages and not enough on customer service. Of course this wasn't the case when free publicity wasn't so comparativey easy to achieve and when traders built their rep by word of mouth through a chain of satisfied customers.


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May 15, 2014
You have my sympathy. Issues like yours are why I opted for a British-made turntable.
Yes indeed Waxy. I was looking into that before I found a deal I couldn't refuse on the Feickert. Just a pity I sold my Origin Live arm to fund it as that would have fitted the armboard that came with it. This is where reading reviews can be misleading as they tended to indicate it came with two armboards including an SME type, there are even cutouts in the packaging for two. This however was not the case hence the search for a new armboard.

It might not have been so bad but after several emails to the manufacturer including one asking for my address so he could send invoice, he then decided he couldn't sell to me direct. A right royal pain.

However it may have been resolved, fingers crossed.


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Nov 13, 2009
Really sorry to hear this AL but a long time no see poster on here who hasn't posted for nearly a year knows of the actual deck you bought
stevebrock said:
you could get one made ?

I could indeed and have been looking into local precision engineering firms who could CNC lathe the original 'Rega' type armboard that was supplied with the turntable as I have the template for the SME cut-out but I didn't really want to convert that armbooard unless I really have to....... who knows I might decide to revert to an Origin Live tonearm at some point :)
ifor said:
Al ears said:
ifor said:

I have never yet posted a picture on this forum and would have to remind myself how to.

Neither have I and I don't think I'd have the patience.

Might try later. Meanwhile all going well with set-up apart from one minor glitch. Turns out that I will need a light counterweight to balance the Zyx cartridge. A bluetacked 5p piece will suffice for now. :)


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