Does your Freeview+ HD box allow you to change channel order ?


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Aug 10, 2019
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I have owned a Sony RDR-HXD860 Freeview HD PVR and DVD-burner since 2006 and am still very happy with it.

With the onset of Freeview HD in my area, I thought it was time to upgrade. I got a refurbished Sony SVR-HDT1000 box and was very excited to be finally able to record two programs at the same time, and record them in HD !

But (horror), I cannot change the order of the channels in the Guide, Favourites or anywhere !!!

This is an utter mystery to me, as I own a Sony KDL-40HX803 TV that can do that, and the old and trusted RDR-HXD860 can do that too! Why on Earth would Sony not include this Most Valuable Feature (R) in their latest box is unfathomable to me, even on their latest firmware update.

I've downloaded and checked the manual of the Humax HDR-FOX T2, and it seems it can't do that either !

I've downloaded and checked the manual of the Samsung BD-DT7800, that recently won Product of the Year 2011 from WHF, and it appears to only be able to do that if you tell it that you live in Ireland (?), and it can't record two channels at once !!!

So, I'm asking the question to everyone here that can answer:

Does your Freeview+ HD box allow you change the order of the channels (and conceal the undesirable ones) in the Guide?

If yes, please let me know what box it is, before I return the Sony box.

Thanks to all for your help.



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Dec 28, 2007
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Nope, the Digital Stream doesn't allow it, but you can set up a Favourites list at least, so you can cut out all the channels you never watch (looking at you bid tv).

When I first got the box, it was a minor annoyance that I couldn't (as my previous box like yours did allow it) - for instance, I'd much rather the HD versions replaced their SD equivalents in the line up. But I wouldn't go anywhere near as far to say it was my most valuable feature.

As I remember, there are a couple of HD PVRs that can do it, but from experience and comments I've read, they are so flaky in operation that I wouldn't consider them - for me, actually recording what you want, when you want seems to be the most valuable feature of a PVR, since there seem to be many out there that don't seem able to achieve even this.