Dock dilemma!




Please could someone advise on the purchase of an ipod/ipad dock. Priority is sound quality, then aesthetics/wireless ability.

I have shortlisted some based on reviews, looks and demoing in store (unfortunately haven't demo'd all)

I like the Zeppelin Air, Rcube, Jbl Onbeat Extreme, Audyssey SoM, Monitor Audio ideck 200 with bluetooth/airport adaptor?

I realise they vary greatly in price but due to vouchers for some stores, all can be bought for between £250-350 max.

I also like the look of the new Sony XA900 as it has both airplay/bluetooth and massive 200w spec - any idea how it sounds?

The dock will be placed in our large kitchen so it needs to be pretty (not my words!) and pretty loud (my words!)!

Our very broad taste in music is currently stored on a Sony Vaio laptop and we also have an ipad, iphone and ipod touch!

Sound quality is most important but good wireless quality is also important - dont want to have to dock the ipad/iphone all the time.

Your thoughts on this or any other dock suggestions would be welcome,

Many thanks,



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