DNM speaker cable for naim NAP200 ?


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi there,

I was somewhat surprised to see that in WHATHIFI's review of the NAP200, the reviewers recommended the DNM Reson cable over naim's own NAC cable:

"We tried it with DNM Reson speaker cable, which brought gains in subtlety and resolution, while van den Hul's D352 went even further in the right direction. Compared with either option the Naim cable sounds crude".

Is this still correct (the review is a few years old), or which cable would now be most suitable for the NAP200 in the 10...20 £/m range, please? I need approx. 10m for my setup, and following the review and my budget, I am currently inclined towards the DNM (1mm) cable - but then my HiFi dealer advised against a solid core cable??




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Jun 2, 2008
Welcome to the forum Stefan.

Your dealer probably advised against solid core cables for all the 'traditional' reasons. (From years of playing safe just in case Naim customers blew up their amps with unsuitable and 'exotic' cables presenting unpredictable loads.)

Naim always 'factored in' a known inductance/capacitance/resistance (from a minimum 3.5metre length of their own NACA4/NACA5) when designing their amps.

Even when I bought my old Nait 5i-2, a couple of years ago, the dealer was very reluctant to sell me anything but 2 x 3.5metres of NACA5 with the Naim connectors soldered on, so I went along with it because I didn't want any doubts (or arguments over the guarantee) if anything blew later on.

Naim may be more flexible than their cable on this issue nowadays (especially with their newer products), but many of their dealers are not.

I hated NACA5. The sound was probably okay (it was a thick copper cable so not much to go wrong) but all the work with a hair-dryer to shape the excess cable into overlaying 'loops' and hide it away was a right royal pain in ... etc.

Stefan, what speakers did you finally settle on after the Dynaudios and nSATs?


Many thanks, Chebby,

the DNM cable has similar inductance and capacitance to the NAC A4, and the resistance is higher - so the DNM is definitively a good 'load' for the NAP200 and my B&W 805D (good to meet a friend here!). So I guess your comments are a tentative recommendation for the DNM cable?



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Oct 18, 2008
Get the NAC A5 its what the amplifier was designed around. you may get a "different" sound from other speaker cable but better? Nope.

Many on other forums (and I have demoed) Chord Signature at great expense (luckily mine was a loan), and whilst initially different and you think ahah, better after a while something is missing, difficult to put your finger on really, but when I reinstalled my NAC A5 all made sense.

If Naim gear could sound better why do Naim rig up their own 500 reference series with NAC A5??


Many thanks, True Blue,

so you speak from experience for the NAC A5.

But there is still the WhatHiFi verdict of 'crude' for the NAC A5, in comparison to the DNM Reson - perhaps I install both cables in parallel (over my 11 meters) and thus keep options open? (I need to feed a second speaker as gentle bass-assistant anyway).

Other voices please - for the DNM cable?!





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