DMP-BDT210 or 310? Or others?

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Been having a few niggling problems with my BDP-320, ie. picture freezing when playing some very lightly marked discs.

So I'm beginning to think about getting a new Blu-Ray player, and have sort of decided on either the Panasonic 210 or 310.

Is there any difference between these 2 players apart from the twin hdmi outputs on the 310?

Is there any other player with the same qualities for a similar price that I should be considering?

Budget is up to £200, 3D isn't essential, though I would like it just in case my Kuro dies, and I have to get a new TV.

Any thoughts?

Clare Newsome

New member
Jun 4, 2007
We haven't yet tested a player around that price that outperforms the Panasonic '210 - hence its Award.

We did do a direct comparison with the '310 and found little/no difference in quality; the premium does appear to be for the (handy if you need it) extra socketry.

And there are great deals around already; sure there'll only be more in next few weeks!
Bear in mind that if you buy a 3D TV in the future (if your Pioneer dies), 310's twin HDMI will obviate the need for upgrading your receiver at the same time for a 3D compatible one.


Thank you both for your replies.

I think you've both confirmed my thoughts that the 210 and 310 are of similar quality, and that the extra hdmi output would be useful in the future if I do go down the 3D route. So, it leaves me as undecided as ever.

I think I will hold on, keep checking the deals for both, and when a really good deal presents itself, go for it.


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