DM37 System:- How can denon get two basic known faults wrong in the first place ?


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Aug 5, 2011
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I have a Denon DM37 system with the original speakers and feel it is a good to very good system, but of course some of us owners on this site are aware that some of us have had issues with the headphone output which can sometimes produce a little bit of hiss or mains hum and that for presumably all of us the volume increments around 10- 12 jump more than they should especially going from position 11-12 or there about, have these two known issues been addressed with the DM38 System ? (I would guess probably not)

Anyway if so lets hope these will be rectified on latter models, but how can a major company like Denon get these two basic faults wrong in the first place ?


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What I don't understand is that the earlier incarnations (DM30/31) didn't suffer from the volume control problem, so we know Denon can get this right.

For the record I once tried a DM37 and sent it back for these reasons. I've had a play with a DM38 and found it to have exactly the same volume control issue.

Denon need to get their act together with this because it spoils a very talented little system.


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Jan 7, 2008
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The headphone 'hiss' on the 37 and 38 seems to be a bit of a 'hit and miss' thing for reasons which no one seems to know. Several users have reported it on these forums. However, the 37 I had, and the 38 I have now have been absolutely fine on the heaphone output. No hiss at all.

I can understand the volume increments causing irritation, suppose it depends on how much you need to crank it up to fill the room with sound. My living room pretty small so doesn't take too much to achieve this.

However, now thinking I would like a change and being a big fan of all-in-ones (I can't be faffing about with cables/mains leads any more, been there, done that) the Marantz CR603 is looking particularly attractive to me at the moment.



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Jun 20, 2008
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Agreed: Where they totally screwed up is with the digitised volume control.

I loved my unit, but the ridiculous jumps between the volume steps ruined it for me in the end. Wouldn't have been a problem in the lounge, but for a bedroom set-up it eventually became unuseable (ironic considering that that's where a good number of them were probably bought for).


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