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DM37/NAD C525/Project TT Questions!


New member
Feb 26, 2009
Hi all,

Since I noticed there are a good number of Denon DM37DAB users on here I thought it would be a good place to see if anyone else had experienced the same problem as me.

I had to return two units in succession after having the following problem: When using headphones and not using source direct mode - but rather making any adjustment to bass or treble (up or down) or enabling the bass boost a hissing sound would start, and if i remember rightly, it would not increase or decrease in volume no matter what number the volume control was at. Through speakers it wasn't noticeable, nor through cheaper headphones but through Sennheiser HD497 it was very apparent. Like a tape played without dolby B NR is the best i can describe it. Normal music you probably wouldn't notice it, but I play DVDs through it and at quiet points like dialogue it is extremely obvious and unbearable. Definitely not a problem with the headphones as they've been used on many different quality separates/mp3 players etc with no such problem. Since i tried two units (one black, one silver), this could possibly be a design fault?

Secondly, I also briefly owned a Project Genie II turntable. I found that a lot of records (most of them) would not fit over the centre spindle without widening the hole in the record first. I thought this was maybe just new records like this but when i tried some older ones of my dad's which i know have been played numerous times they wouldn't fit either, nor were they even close to fitting! Surely this can't be right??? If i over widened the centre on some could this cause playback problems (i had some playback issues with certain 7" singles and wondered if this may have been of my own making)? I'm now thinking of getting a pro-ject debut III after many frustrations and returning the Genie II. The records that did work, the sound was insanely good! Love it much more than CDs.

Thirdly, and lastly, what did what hifi not like about the NAD C525BEE CD player? I got one brand new for £130, which was cheaper than the C515, and didn't check what hifi magazine until later. Unfortunately i could only find the star rating in the index at the back and not the review. Was quite surprised it only got 3 stars when NAD claim it is essentially the same as the 521BEE. I have nothing else to compare it to so I don't know if i made a good choice or not and I am curious to find out what hifi said and others think.

I'm looking forward to your feedback - these questions have been on my mind for a while but never got round to asking.



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