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Jan 15, 2009
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I had a brief play with an Onkyo TX-8050 the other day but couldn't get it to see the FLAC files on my WHS server. As I didn't like the sound of the TX-8050 I didn't pursue that but, having thought about it since, it's because Windows Media Player doesn't natively support FLAC. So the DLNA server built into WHS (Windows Media Connect) doesn't show FLAC files either. Presumably the same would apply to say using Windows Media Player as the server froma laptop. You can always rip to WAV but that doesn't support proper tagging & uses more disk space.

While looking for something else on one of the WHS forums, I came across a recommendation for Asset UPnP, a DLNA audio only server by the people behind one of the best ripping/conversion programmes (dBPoweramp). Compatible with Windows XP onwards, it's not free but a 30 day trial is. After that you can continue using a very basic version FOC or buy the fully featured version for $26 (around £16).

Maybe worth a look for anyone with a DLNA streamer.



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