Disappointed with Samsung 40d5520. Alternatives?


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Aug 10, 2019
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I recently purchased the Samsung 40d5520 based on the 5* reviews in WHF and HCC, and while in many respects it is a great TV I am really disappointed with its motion handling.

This is the first HDTV I've owned but I notice blurring in fast moving sports (such as tracking the ball in football or tennis) or fast horizontal pans in shows such as the Office, almost as if the TV is struggling to keep up. This is totally different to my experience on my old Sony CRT. This is while watching HD content with LED Motionplus switched either on or off.

My question is, is this specific to this one set or all LCD tvs in this price bracket? I'm also surprised this wasn't commented on more in these 5* reviews.

The problem is so pronounced I've decided to sell the Samsung and buy a different set, any suggestions? Is it worth me spending a bit more money for the pricier models in this range eg. the 40d6530 or 40d7000 which I imagine would perform better, or should I go for something like last years Sony KDL40EX503 which can now be had at a bargain price?

Any help/experiences much appreciated.


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