Disable upscaling in Pansonic BTT755?


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi, I've upgraded my main TV and bought a Panasonic BTT755 all-in-one system to give the old TV a blu-ray player and 5.1 sound at a price I can't quibble with (£300).

However, I'm pretty sure that even my old TV will do a better job of upscaling than the blu-ray player when it's playing DVDs, does anyone know how I can disable upscaling in the player? The only menu option I can find that seems to be relevant is the HDMI output format, but I'm concerned if I force that to 576 then I'll end up downscaling any blu-rays...



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Dec 28, 2007
Unless the unit has an Original option in that menu (can't see that it does from the manual unfortunately), I'm afraid the only way to disable upscaling on DVDs is manually change to 576p when watching DVDs. As you've correctly assumed, this means you'd need to change back to 1080p when watching Blu-rays or you'll be downscaling them to SD resolution.

My recommendation would be to try both out on a DVD and see how it performs vs the TV's performance - you may be surprised at how good the upscaling can be on these units.


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