Digital volume scales - how to relate to the old fashioned scale?


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Aug 10, 2019
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My Denon AVR-4306 volume scales from -80dB through 0 to +18db. How does this relate to what is actually going on with the amplifier? Where is the traditional half volume point or whatever? I've found that -25dB seems to be about right for me for music cranking it up to about -10dB for movies.


I asked the same question not that long ago. This could be slightly wrong but... I was told that 0db is the max output of the amp (its RATED power at least with low distortion), and that anything in the + range, the amp is boosting the signal (and maybe has a few percent distortion rather then 0.03 etc...). At say -20db the amp isnt letting all its power through the signal to the speakers. My Harman Kardon goes from -80 to +10. I normally have about -15 to -10, but have had to 0 for quiet songs, rarely though. You shud be able to hear when it clips and sounds bad though anyway.

Some songs need higher peaks of power however to so there wil be less headroom at higher volumes.


I think even with really quiet recordings I've yet to take the amp over the -10dB mark and usually this is the standard mark also for movies and its seriously kicking out some power at the level so i suspect you're right and probably my ears won't take 0dB or higher. I'd love the techies to come in and confirm though.


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