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Aug 10, 2019
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HI I recently bought a new TV - Sony KDL40W2000. Its great but I'm not getting the best reception with DVB TV.

I have two arials. One a small portable one that I got with a USB TV receiver and the other is a proper one onmy roof.

The small one is pretty tiny only 6 inches big but it gives me channels that I can't pick up using the big arial. For example channel4 and 5.

The kind of problem I get is best described a blocky digital noise. It improves from aerial to aerial depending on the channel.

I live less than a mile and in direct line of sight (as least line of sight for the aerial on the roof) of Crystal Palace tower.

I am therefore sure a weak signal is not he problem. Is it possible that I am getting to much signal?

Whats the best way to go around sorting this problem out?


I presume the aerial on your roof is old. Get a new one, they are only about £30.

I had an oldie on my roof and could only pick up 50 odd channels excluding some of the mainstream ones. I bought a new aerial and hey presto all 88 of the buggers are beamed into my tv in crystal clear fashion.

I would also recommend buying the QED Qunex TTV lead, it is astonishing the difference it makes to the picture quality over a normal lead.


No I don;t agree with this since I am getting such irratic results. Channel 4 is ok with a tiny ariel and no good with roof aerial which is literally so close to the transmitter.

Any other suggestions?


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Oct 4, 2007
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Your cable run from the roof aerial could be old and frayed. As the last poster suggested, have it looked at by pro's and upgrade if necessary. If there's a difference between aerials this would suggest an aerial problem?!




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This is an aerial problem. Being close to the transmitter can cause more problems than you would expect and I've known occasions where an aerial installer has had to aim an aerial at a transmitter further away to get optimum reception. All of the advice already given here about getting your aerial checked and investing in good cabling is very sound advice.


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