Question Diamond 12.0 vs 11.2 / Which one to keep?

Which one to keep?

  • Wharfedale Diamond 11.2

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  • Wharfedale Diamond 12.0

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Mar 26, 2021
Diamond 12.0

Diamond 11.2

For our average sized master bedroom I already owned the Diamond 12.0 light oak but got a nice offer of a pair of black 11.2s. So I currently own these two sets or a couple of months. Sometimes switching between them.

For the space given the 12.0s are awesome.
They are really heavy in mass, detailed and controlled, not necessarily bright but little more outspoken than the 11.2s. They also sound bigger for their size. The 11.2 seem to be playing a little more effortlessly due to their size. Bit more of a theatrically presentation, bit less emphasising the rides and hihats perhaps. Bit closer to the evo's in that sense. But they perform at their very best on stands in a bigger and good conditioned room as tested. Unfortunately the bigger room / living is already reserved for the Evo 4.2s. Nonetheless they also do it really well in a smaller room, also being aware that the conditons are not perfect. Still great fun to listen to.

I can't really choose if I should go for one pair and trade one pair away or just keep them both.

Since I don't want to start a speaker collection I am looking for some potential rope cutting elements.

Maybe from experience, reviews or from specs. In case you would had to keep one pair. Which one would it be?

Thanks in advance!
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Sep 24, 2008
Not having compared them I can’t tell you, (But Diamonds do normally improve with each generation) however if you are swapping between the 2, why not sell them both and pop down to your dealer and try out some different types (Higher up in a range) to see which suits you best. (As it’s a smaller room you may also wish to check out active studio monitors)

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