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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi, I am fed up of lugging my hifi around just because I want to listen to good quality sound etc. when I'm moving my computer etc. around. I need a stand alone speaker system really, and good audio quality. It's been OK previously as I've only been moving things about at the start/end of terms at uni, but now I'm going on placements then taking my hifi and speakers etc. just because I want to bring my laptop along is just a bit silly. I think a small speaker system's a good idea, possibly with a subwoofer as then I can decide on whether to bring it along with me or not depending on how much space is of a premium. Thing is, I'm not really sure what to get.

I've noticed but they are quite expensive and lack a subwoofer. How are these? Are bose really as good as the PR people would imply, or are they more about style and less about quality? I'm sorry for such an open eneded question, I tried going to Richer Sounds today and they just told me to buy a small hifi and thought I was a bit mad! Hehe!


Thanks for the help! I was looking at this but most of the speaker systems are the size of a proper mini HiFi anyway, and the subs are pretty huge. I guess I'm not really going to get anything like the size of those Boses with good audio quality then? What would be great would be something like the Boses with an optional subwoofer, so I could decide whether to take that with me or not. Do they exist, in good quality?


That Russ Andrews Rave is very interesting, but it seems you're
paying for basically a small external HiFi and the speakers are a bit
of an afterthought. The speakers that come with it look pretty small
and the reviews I've seen don't seem to really appraise them. I need
something portable with a bit of oomph in it so my music sounds good,
and for that I need good speakers, preferably with an optional sub, and
I'm not sure this really gives that, does it?

The F80 is a
proper HiFi, which again I don't need (don't need a cd player etc.) and
it's a single unit and hence provides no stereo audio which I'd like
for films, gaming etc. A 2.0 or 2.1 is really what I need.

Sorry to be so awkward


You may consider AudioEngine 2 if its available in your area. Very nice sound.


[quote user="fr0g"]I'd check out some of the Active monitors at a specialist music shop[/quote]

This is not a bad shout.........check out a pair of mackie 824s......only need a sub if the room is very large......great sound for electronic music too, if that is your listening taste ;).........a second hand pair on ebay would be the best bet.


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