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Aug 10, 2019
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can anyone give advice on the following

i have a denon 1920 dvd player which has always worked ok with my old jvc 32 inch tv

i have just purchades the new samsung 40inch featured in what hifi last month, now when i set the dvd output to 1080 the picture shakes. if i set to the lower 720 its ok.

is this because the tv is 1080p and the dvd player is not.

do i need to upgrade to a dvd player that upscales to 1080p. ie the denon 1930 or 40.


To get 1080p on my Sharp I have to use a DVD player upscaling through the HDMI connection. If you try and feed the TV a 1080i/p signal through a connection that doesn't support that resolution you will probably have an issue, such as you have seen. I would suggest using HDMI if you arn't already.

Regarding your questions no its not that the TV is 1080p and the player isn't. (The TV will also support 720p and 1080i amoung other resolutions) . May want to check the frequency settings of player/tv making sure they both match 50/60Hz.

To get the 1080p you will need a player such as the one's you suggest. Though from reading around on a 40" screen you will not see much difference between 1080i and 1080p.



i will try and check settings on both tv and dvd player. are the frequency settigs adjustable through the menus set up.

dont understand why a quality hdmi dvd player feeding a quality hdmi tv through a quality lead should not work.


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