Denon launches new DCD-1700NE CD/SACD player

And most importantly for some, it plays SACD too. I can’t think of any lower cost new player that does. The Marantz Model 30 does, but it’s also a streamer, and twice the price. Denon’s own DCD A-110 series is much more costly* too, though I’ve a hunch they are very similar.

I know that staff don’t read these replies but a little consumer journalism could have answered that!

*About £3000 RRP, available for about £2000 if you shop around.
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Oct 6, 2022
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Nice to see Denon realising that unless you own a super expensive turntable, arm and cartridge, people are listening to sub standard audio hyped up by an industry desperate for new sales, even if it means making dubious claims to entice the gullible. I'm just intrigued by the claim to reproduce information missing from the original studio recording, how does that work then? Have they got a hotline to the original master tapes to do a comparison? Still an interesting and affordable product that I would choose over any other hyped up audio product.


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Jul 28, 2022
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Denon DCD-1700NE is a step in the right direction, it handles DSD up 5.6MHZ (DSD128) and CD format versatility is an absolute plus. All my surround 7:1 amplification setups have been Denon and I am partial to the brand, love the quality.
I use Auna Jukebox DAC, it plays almost every audio codec under the sun, DSD512 (22MHZ) included and sounds mighty fine feeding into my Denon and Monitor Audio/Dali/Q speakers. It dispenses with the optical discs, you can access your music files via the external SSD, SDs, USB drives.
It would be nice if the Denon made use of USB port (I stand corrected if it already has one), making it universal platform which will broaden it's appeal.
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