denon f102 or onkyo 715 or arcam solo mini


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Aug 10, 2019
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hello all, im getting a new setup and would like amp, dab , cd and ability to connect a sub which ill buy at a later stage , the speakers i have in mind are monitor audio br2's or if i spend more b&w 685 or monitor audio rs1's . top spend is £1000 but would prefer it to be less! , ideally i do not want full size seperates. unfortunately most of my music is mp3's any ideas or suggestions?? thanks


Hey had to make the same decision between the ONkyo 715 and Solo Mini. So I went to my local Hi Fi retailer in Bristol. Done a head to head sound audition, they used the Arcam Muso speakers. The sound quality was definately better on the Solo Mini, particularly the base. I was not that impressed with the 715, after reading so many good things about it on the net! So I bought the Solo Mini with the rDock.

The Onkyo is now ageing, the Solo Mini is new and looks better, really understated, no writing such as DAB, Mp3 etc. Slide CD is more desirable.

The USB is a good thing to have (none on 715) and works really well, with pen drives. And as you mention you have Mp3's, its important.

The rDock also works really well with the Solo Mini.

DAB is also very good on the Mini. But you need to use an old skool steel extending arial, which ruins looks a bit.

My disapointment with the Mini is that, its power is not enough, halfway volume just for regular listening!!

When using Cd with MP3 files, its noisy when changing tracks and can be slow. I do not recommend listening to Mp3 in this way. Instead I use my rDock or the USB pen drive. Both work fine.

Cd/ rDock does not retain position, when changing between sources. My CD/ iPod in my BMW does when I turn off or change sources.

Overall I am fairly happy with the Arcam Solo Mini and would recommend it.

Hope that was helpful.

Price £585. rDock £110


thanks, with regards to the power of the solo mini does anyone know how it compares to the 35w of the denon and 50w of the onkyo?obviously figures can be misconcieving, at half the price of the solo mini i find it hard to believe the denon and onkyo are half the standard but if it is the case i dont mind paying for the solo mini.


also anyone heard the rs1's and b&w's? i heard the rs1's and sounded very good.


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