Denon dra-n5/ rcd n8 vs Marantz m-cr610/510


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Dec 19, 2013
Hi to everyone. I decided to buy a compact sized all-in-one amplifier and i plan to pair it with Monitor audio rx2. Since i cannot find both these amps as demos to a hi-fi shop has anyone auditioned them with the same pair of speakers to tell me what the main differences are? I hace auditioned both denon and marantz but in different shops and different speakers so i cannot make a comparison. Can both of these amps drive ma rx2? I auditioned marantz with dali zensor 5 and i was surprised by the result. Denon rcd-n8 was paired with small denon speakers so i have to know if denon can also drive speakers like dali zensor 5, ma rx2 etc. I was also thinking about monitor rx6 but i think it's not gonna work.Thank you in advance!


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Jun 28, 2016
Reference the Denon rcdn8, I purchased one in November 2012, had to return twice for loss of power, and had to report poor connectivity on 3 occasions.

now lost power again and Denon not interested in repairing and I don't feel inclined to throw more cash at it given its history.


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