Denon DM41 vs KRK Rokit Monitors

Arsenio Erico

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Jun 28, 2020
Hi! I'm in serious need of your knowledge and wisdom! :)
I currently use a pair of KRK Rokit 6s where I hook my turntable to listen to vinyls. I want to improve my listening experience and thought of a few possible roads.
I don't have many options where I live but I can order online but shipping costs being quite high.

Option 1: Get a KRK Subwoofer 10S2 with crossover. I hope this will leave the L/R monitors with more room to focus on highs and mids better and leave all the bass to the subwoofer. I think it could feel like a fuller experience when listening to my vinyls. (I can buy it in stores)

Option 2: Buy a Denon DM41 with its own speakers. I love the idea of going back to my dusty CDs collection now in a wardrobe and find that they can sound great. Maybe not as good as vinyls but more promising than streaming. I can hook my turntable to it and it has bluetooth for Spotify. All reviews say it sounds superb. Can they sound better than my KRKs? Shipping to my home would be 290$.

Option 3: Buy a pair of Q Acoustics 3010i or Dali Spektor 1 and hook them to my old Philips micro hifi hoping I will notice a big improvement and in three months buy the Denon N10 CEOS Amp with CD tray and streaming options.

Option 4: I found a Yamaha RXV365 AV Receiver locally for a good price. Can this sound better than the Denons if paired with the above mentioned speakers? There is also a Yamaha RS202 for a bargain but I would like a Sub out and it lacks one.



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