Denon AVRX 2000 and Kef 2005.3 - Help!


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May 17, 2011
Hi, sorry about the original blank post, the spam filter kept telling me my post was spam! Hopefully not the case!

Anyway, this was what I was trying to ask...


Not sure if anyone can help. Recently picked up a second hand Kef 2005.3 set with the Kube 2 subwoofer, I also picked up a cheap Denon AVRX2000. Both items were intended for use in the kid’s play room for them watching dvds.

However, when the Kube 2 gets a signal and turns on, it begins to hum. The hum stops only when the subwoofer cable is disconnected. I’ve tried switching cables, plugging in to the same place, adding a ground loop thing in the subwoofer cable etc etc. The ground loop device reduced the hum, but didn’t eliminate it.

I also have an old Kef 2010PSW which when connected to the AVRX2000 doesn’t hum. The Kube 2 connected to an old Denon 1907 doesn’t hum, so it must be something to do with the two together.

Firstly, has anyone had this same issue and if so how did you solve it with these specific bits of kit? Secondly, if I just sell the sub and get a new one, what would you recommend for a budget of £200 to pair with a Denon AVRX2000 and Kef 2005 satellites?

Thanks for your help.



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