Denon AVR-4308DAB or the Yamaha RX-Z11


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi people im in the process of putting together a home cinema set up and i am looking at various differant options.

Im considering between the Denon AVR-4308DAB or the more expensive Yamaha RX-Z11

I am going to be running it with the sony VGX-XL302 media centre pc as my blue ray player

I am still unsure about which speakers would get the best out of this amp as im looking for wall mountable 7.1 speakers which are discrete but which will do justice to a high end amp. I have considered the Tannoy Arena HighLine 500 but as its only 5.1 can i buy two extra speakers and simply add them in to the system??

I know its a lot to ask but can anyone see any problems with this set up or could recommend speakers to add to this system.


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