Denon AVR-1910 + Pioneer PDP LX5090 help


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Nov 21, 2008

I need a bit of help with my 1910 and Kuro.

1. I can't seem to get the volume to display on my Kuro when I change the level on the 1910, I have it set to 'On' in the settings.

2. As I'm running Sky+HD through, I'm using an optical cable to get Dolby Digital. But, whenever it picks up a DD signal the volume is quite a bit lower than the standard Pro Logic II.

3. Whenever I watch football on the Kuro, it judders a little just as the camera pans. I have set the 1910 to upscale to 1080p.

4. This is a strange one, and could be a problem with the TV. Whenever the Sky search & scan banner is displayed, the Kuro darkens slightly, but then returns to normal when the banner is exited. I also have a similar problem with the Kuro menus. When the settings menu is displayed, the display brightens and shifts to the right.

Any help will be much appreciated.




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