Denon 2500BT brand new boxed

I noticed this interesting listing on eBay yesterday. What caught my eye was the claim that the player is brand new & boxed!

It's got 14 hours to go & is keenly priced as of now.

michael hoy

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That one sold for £295.00, they have another one for sale:

strapped for cash

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Aug 17, 2009
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michael hoy said:
And this one -

Has just sold for £385.00, looks like it is still a popular player.

Makes me even happier that I managed to get one for just over £150 (sorry to gloat). :)

As I've said repeatedly, if you're not concerned by the lack of internet content and 3D functionality, automatic firmware updates and relatively slow loading times it remains a geuinely fantastic performer. I wonder if continued discussion of the 2500BT on forums like this helps explain its enduring popularity among home cinema aficionados?

michael hoy

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Just to keep it on a roll, a second hand one has come up.


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