Denon 2310 + monitor audio apex


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Aug 10, 2019
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After many months I have finally completed my monitor audio apex speaker set and it sounds great but I know deep down inside my 1910 denon amp is holding it back.

I can’t afford to buy a sclx83 or a onyko 3008/5008 and I don’t have a 3d TV and not thinking of buying one any time soon but I was looking on line and came across a b-grade Denon 2310 for quite a lot less than £400.

In its day this was a 5 star buy and I know I’m about 2 years behind everyone else but does anyone know how this will sound with the Monitor Audio Apex set and how much of an improvement would this be over my 1910?


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Mar 9, 2010
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The 2310 would be a noticble improvement over the 1910.
My advice is to look on ebay for a second hand 3310 as this is a fantastic amp with the Apex.I ran the 3310 with the Apex and it was great. The 3310 is a big step up from the 2310 and can be had for around £400 second hand.If you can stretch to a second hand 4310 even better.

michael hoy

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I would agree with Ric71, the 1910 is definately holding the system back.

I had a 1909 when i first bought my Apex system and then moved to a LX72.

The 2310 is a good amp but a 3310 would make a bigger difference, I know budgets are tight for people at the moment.

My job is under 90 day notice of potential redundancy.

Just purchase the best you can or wait a little longer and save up a bit more.


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