Denon 2308 and KEF 2005.2...anything better for £1000


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Aug 10, 2019
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I'm thinking of buying the new Denon 2308 and the KEF 2005.2. At present I don't have a full HD tv, only 1080i, or Blue-Ray/HD DVD but will upgrade in the future when prices come down a bit and want the receiver to cope. Sonically I've heard very good things about both the Denon 2307 and KEF speakers, but not yet anything about 2308.

Apart from movies I will use the system as my main music playback device.

You can get these two for £1000 from creative-audio ( but can anybody tell me if there is a better receiver/speaker combination for £1000?

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Onkyo TXSR-605 + Q Acoustics 1010 5.1 spk package = £850. The one major thing the Onkyo has over the denon is that its capable of Dolby True HD and DTS HD decoding, making it more future proof. And thats a pretty big plus point.

Personally if I had a budget of £1000, I would try stretching it to £1200 and get the SVS-SB01 speakers + SB10 sub - I have a friend with the same speakers and a worse reciever than the 605 and to me they sound the equivalent to a 5.1 package worth twice as much. Ofc aesthetically they arnt as pleasing to the eye as SVS designed them with function taking precedence over form.

For the 500-600 price range there are also the Mordaunt Short Alumnis which seem to be good on paper - I think theres a review of them in this months magazine released on the 20th. Other alternatives include Kef 3005s (which can be had for 600 if you shop around/haggle) or MS Avant Premier plus.

Best bet is to go to some AV stores and get them to demo you some systems. The most opinion to be informed about when concerning home cinema equipment is your own.


I'd recommend either the Denon or Onkyo BUT DEFINITELY go for the Quad L-ite 5.1 package. This speaker package absolutely kicks a$$ over any sub £1,000 sub/sat package and the sub is an absolute beauty!! But here's the best bit............. ...................................

Are you ready?..........................



Lol! The suspense!

HiFiBitz have the Quad L-ite 5.1 poackage down at £599 including delivery! I really don't know how they've done it but I don't care cos I placed my order with them on Saturday (have to cancel my previous order with a local co at £900), but hey, a huge £300 saving on a superb system!

Go to for this deal...none in stock at the moment, but get your order in fast! :)


Thanks for the replies to the post. You've been very helpfu!!


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