Denon 1930 vs CA 540d V2 (For playing CD's / 2 channel DVD soundtracks)


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Aug 26, 2007
I've been thinking about getting the new CA 540 Azur v2 as I only want one deck to do all. I don't care about multi-channel movie soundtracks (most of my DVD's are music concerts...), and I don't have DVD-A or SACD discs. But, having found a Denon 1930 left for sale somewhere I wonder how good it is/was for CD playback / 2 channel soundtrack stuff. I know it was a highly regarded player in total, but for this element of it's performance (which is critical for me) is it as good as the new CA 540 v2 (or even the original 540?).

Music playback is more important than video quality, although obviously i'll expect that to be pretty good too!

ps. I've read stellar things about the video/audio performance of the players from Oppo? Any reviews of these coming up in WHF?


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