Denon 1910 & Media Player


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi all,

Some background first:
I have each room in the house wired with CAT6. All rooms have at least one double CAT6 Ethernet access point, and these all then terminate back into a Patch Panel & Switch back in my Study. I then have a broadband router attached to the Switch to give me wired Internet access around the house. I also have a Netgear ReadyNas connected to the router in the Study on which I will store all my ripped music & films etc…

I have a new Netgear NeoTV 350 which I now want to connect up in my Sitting Room, so can I ask what connects to what? I have a Denon 1910 AV receiver in my sitting room already with Bluray, Sky etc connected to it. It still has at least one HDMI port left…

So do I just connect the Netgear NeoTV solely to the Denon via HDMI and then it should appear when I select that source on the AV receiver? I haven’t used a Network Media Player before so forgive my ignorance and any tips gladly accepted :)

Thanks for any help


Thanks Andrew...will try that over weekend...Ethernet point is ready and waiting!!


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