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Nov 11, 2007
Am looking for a setup for a 13' x 13' room to sit on the front wall. Music will be stored on an iPod in lossless format and I've ruled out 5.1 to keep it simple and avoid filling the room with speakers.

Was set on Denon's s301 which ticked all my boxes and was confident this would bring out the best of my room for both music and movies. The cinema experience is not a priority but the Denon would deliver a good attempt at this and I had convinced myself I would never look back.

However, the Fatman itube carbon edition has caught my eye. Coupled with some decent bookshelves this would satisfy my music requirements and I'd hook a DVD player into one of the inputs.

Of course the Denon is an excellent DVD system, but music remains a priority and the Fatman appeals as (in my eyes) it looks great. I doubt anyone has compared the two as essentially they satisfy different requirements. But any comment on either product will be very welcome - also suggestions for speakers if I go with the Fatman, requirement here is the smaller the better, without too much compromise in sound of course...

Have posted in the hifi section as music is priority over film.


Hi, I can only comment on the Fatman iTube carbon, I am really pleased with it, for such a reasonably priced bit of kit I think it punches well above it's weight, the sound is detailed and warms up the the iPod sound no end. Although I only use it as my main Hi-Fi set up I can't see why it wouldn't be equally good with movies etc . I have connected it up with the monitor Audio BR2's which seems to compliment them well, the only down side is that due to the fact the Fatman "only" produces 25wats p/c the BR2's arn't quite sensitive enough to really kick out the volume - you really have to drive the amp to get the windows rattling! but saying that the they are more than enough for most listening environments.

Thanks to this set up I have found my love for music and Hi-fi again!!!

Good luck - hope this helps.



I've only have experience with the S301, and I find it to be an excellent system. Music sounds very, very decent for an all in one system (it's much better imho than say a Bose 321 GS) and offers alot more features too. I haven't heard the iTube so I shan't compare it;s music performance, but what I can tell you: the Denon has a very believeable virtual surround, something the iTube cannot produce.

Thing is however, the Denon was just followed up by the S302. I haven't heard that one just yet. My personal advice would be: compare both items, try to listen to them along side and see whichever you like best for your specific needs.



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