Decent system for Audio and Visual


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi All,

Still struggling to put a systme together that would serve as a decent audio system and can be used for visual. I dont wnat ti imvest in 2 separate systems if I can avoid it. Would like a decent setup, and not quite fussy if it is not 5.1 . Got a budget of about £1000 -£1200, and mostly listen to Jazz and funk.

Room size 4m X 7m




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Aug 24, 2007
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You'll struggle to get a decent hifi sound from a 5.1 at that price in my opinion. I would go for a decent 2 channel set up and wire it all up to the TV and DVD player.

You'd also be better going 2nd hand. Have a look at eBay on the following brands - Arcam, Onkyo, KEF, MA, B&W, Dali.

Perhaps look to get some good speakers that can be upgraded with other components at a later stage to create a 5.1. For example the Dali Ikon 6, get some ex demo for about £650 from audiologica and then you can build the system over the next couple of years when funds permit. Just a thought.

then perhaps an Arcam AVR300 on eBay, just leaves you with a disc spinner. You could go for an Arcam DV79 or something, then use whatever cash you have left to put towards a really good CD player, I reckon you could get a really good set-up for less than £1500 in total. Then a further 1,000 over the next 2 years would make it a full 5.1 which is majorly good on music too..


OK. would have to do without 5.1 though. Kids wont allow, so I guess 2.1 would do for now. What about the Marantz dv7001 and the B&W 635 or MA Br2. Just looking for a simple system that would work well with music and would have decent Visual.