Dead spots on plasma televisions from channel logos


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Aug 10, 2019
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I've just purchased a plasma television ( panasonic pz70b ) and am well aware of the image retention issues. I wasn't overly concerned about this given most of the images on the screen will be fast moving i.e. movies or games i.e. I won't be using my pc for long periods of time with it.

However as some satelitte channels have logos in the corners of the screen, can this cause screen burn issues too i.e. my sons favourite childrens channle cbeebies or nick jr has the same image in the top left corner. Should I be concerned about this and change the channel every 15 - 30 minutes or am I worrying too much.



Joe Cox

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May 31, 2007
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With the vast majority of plasma screens on the market now, this kind of 'screen burn' is no longer an issue. So no, you shouldn't worry about the, admittedly often very annoying, permanent logos. Even if there is some image retention after a prolonged period of time - we're talking over-night, say - even this should clear once you start watching other content.

We do sometimes see image retention on screens when we turn them on for the very first time, but as I say, it's very rare that this isn't subsequently removed due to normal varied use of your TV.


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