Dali Mentor Menuet v Neat Motive 3


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Jul 31, 2012
I am thinking of taking advantage of the recent price drop and taking the plunge with a Naim Unitiqute. I am thinking of pairing it with either Dali Mentor Menuet or Neat Motive 3 speakers based on my internet research to date.

Has anyone heard both these speakers and can you please tell me what characterises the difference between them in your opinion? There seems to be nowhere near me in London that has the Dalis on demo!

So you know, I have a small to medium sized living room (4m x 4m) where the speakers will be placed on bookshelves (at around 5 feet high) either side of the central chimney breast on the side wall. My principal listening position will be on a sofa on the opposite wall. There are open doors through to a second slightly smaller reception room (3.5m x 3.5m).

I do most of my listening at low to medium volume and listen to lots of DAB radio (Radio 2, Radio 1, Classic FM). I also have a large collection of pop/rock music and particularly enjoy 90s dance music including house, garage and some drum n bass. All of this is on my laptop and much of it on my ipod at low bit rates of 192 and 256 kbps. I have started the process of re-ripping my collection but this will take a while!

Fullness and richness of sound are both very important to me. I like some warmth and am not seeking anything too clinical/anlytical. I am looking for speed and some reasonable depth of bass from the speakers even at low volumes (although not too much as I have a wife, two babies and next door neighbours to think about!). Equally I'd like to be able to turn the system up when in the mood without the sound distorting.

The speakers will be placed on bookshelves (out of reach of tiny fingers!) in cases built into the alcoves either side of a chimney breast. There will be maximum 10cm between the back of the speakers and the back of the book cases. I will experiment with placement to decide whether the speakers will be placed by the sides or not. I know the Dalis are designed for this and would be prepared to use the bungs in the Neats if required to avoid bass boom. I prefer the styling of the Dalis and the 4ohm impedance rating compared to Neats 8ohm might be an advantage when I take into account the 30W power
rating of the Unitiqute as I think they will go louder? Sensitivity ratings seem much the same (86 v 85db). The frequency range on the Neats is wider (45hz-30khz v 59hz-25khz) but is this significant enough that most people could tell the difference? Do the Neats go noticeably lower?

Very rarely do I listen at high volume. My current stereo that I am replacing is a Denon DM37DAB (2x30W) with Monitor Audit BR1 speakers. This has always met my volume needs in my room. Generally I have been happy with it but would like a digital system that will work with my ipad and ipod given that's how I'm listening to my music these days.

So the question is: which speaker do you think would be better for me?


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Nov 13, 2009
Speakers are soo subjective and sensitive to room acoustics!

i tried some neat motive 3, sounded amazing in the shop....got them home and the bass was too much and i couldnt live with them considering they cost £700 gutted cos they were cheap! I did look at the menuet as an alternative ( less bass ) but I got put onto the Rega!

The Rega RS1 worked very well at home hence I bought them.

You really need to demo at home with speakers and any decent hifi dealer will let you do this.

Fnally you really need to get them on stands as well, not a bookshelf.


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Feb 19, 2008

Maybe not the answer but advice that may be helpful.

I would not be tempted to use Neats on book shelf or too close to rear wall. Mine about 30cm on stands. Note I did initially have them on oak sideboard and did sound reasonbly good but were very significantly better on partington Super Dreadnoughts and are quite fussy about how coupled to stand I think. Stands Unique Carbon fibre risers are really great btw.

The Rega rs1 I also tried on sideboard and these are defineately better suited to this environment. I think they can be wall mounted as well.

The Neat do sound very convincing at low volumes.

A better alternative might be the Neat Iotas. No personal experience with these however.

Overall however the positioning and height of speaker will be compromising the sound!

I have young kid and listen in evenings when in bed. IE involves setting up stands, but the sound quality and immersion is vastly better. Depends whats most important to you at the end of the day and of course try at home before you buy!!!



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Feb 22, 2010
mike07899 said:
and particularly enjoy 90s dance music including house, garage and some drum n bass. All of this is on my laptop and much of it on my ipod at low bit rates of 192 and 256 kbps. I have started the process of re-ripping my collection but this will take a while!

Not heard the Neats, but despite the Menuets being stunning speakers, for their size, I think you would be lacking the bass depth to really enjoy electronic music. This mat also apply to the Neats.

Definitely rerip your collection, preferably to lossless.


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