DAC with remote input selection


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi All,

I am looking for a DAC which allows me to remotely select the input (<£300 hopefully). I currently have two main sources for my Onkyo TX-SR606 Amp. One of these is a Sonos ZP90 and the other is my HTPC. The Sonos is connected by a co-axial digital cable and the HTPC is connected via an optical digital cable. I have setup the entire system to be controlled via a Harmony remote and am absolutely loving it.

I have heard alot about the improvements in sound quality using a DAC and am keen to integrate one into my system. I would like to have both my HTPC and Sonos wired into the DAC and then send the DAC's RCA output into my amp. My issue is that I would really still like to continue to be able to control the entire setup from my couch. This would require the DAC to be able to switch inputs via some sort of remote control.

Do any of you know if this is possible? Are there are good DACs out there which are controllable via remote?

Thanks is advance.


Thanks for the pointers. I have had a chance to read up about the Matrix and it gets quite positive reviews. I would like to have a listen to it and will be looking around to see if there are any London based dealers which have one in stock.

Having the ability to pass the signal thru is a great option as well. If I choose to watch a movie via the HTPC then it would be nice to have the unconverted digital signal pass thru to the amp, so that it can decode it. I imagine this will help for Dolby Digital. Is my understanding correct?

Does anyone else out there have any options on the Matrix?