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dab xmas present


New member
Aug 10, 2019
im looking to get a dab/internet radio for my mom, as she is buying it for my dad for xmas,

havent got a clue about DAB so need some advice, been looking at the pure Digital Evoke-1S and also the evoke 2-xt, not sure the pure evoke flow is in my price range but having internet would be a real bonus

any advice as to how they work(only time i listern to the radio is in the car lol) and which would be best, i would be grateful



New member
Jul 21, 2009
Hi pioneere,

I bought the Pure Evoke Flow on Saturday- genius! It took me about 10 minutes to set up to my wireless router and another 5 minutes online to choose a few internet radio stations.

Its brilliantly simple- and would work well as an alarm clock with its 'snooze' handle. It tuned into about 60 DAB stations immediately and I won't even begin to guess how many internet stations you could listen to. (Helpfully you can manage your favourites online and set up your favourite internet stations in folders that you can easily navigate to via the control knobs). It also updated its firmware the first time I switched it on.

Very clear sound as well, obviously only mono, but fine for early morning listening. Feels a lot more solid than some radios in the Pure range.

Only -ve is that the rechargeable battery costs £35 but you won't need that if its permanently plugged in.

Hope this helps. They're a little cheaper on an auction website... but I reckon the Evoke 1S would also be a great compromise.




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