DAB or internet radio advice?


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Aug 10, 2019
I'm on the scrounge for some much needed help, on a topic I am pretty ignorant about.

I will try to be brief. I wanted DAB for the front room (I am selling off my HiFi separates including Denon TU1800 on Ebay in a couple of weeks). and intended to put an Intempo iDab in the Sony ipod dock of my Dav-IS10.

Now told that Internet radio reception is better than DAB (is this true?) plus 11,000 stations to choose from, so the Revo Mondo WiFi radio looked a possibility.

I also have an extensive music library on my Mac (bedroom) so was also looking to stream music into the front room since my HiFi is going. Should I therefore consider Logitech's Squeezebox Duet?

Are DAB stations (e.g. BBC R5 Sports Xtra) also available on internet radio?. If not, would then the Revo Blik Radiostation be a better option?

The Logitech would be at the top of my budget since I do not want to commit too much to audio only streaming in case a top notch - eg. one that works - audio/video streamer is just around the corner.

Sorry that this is as much a WiFi forum topic but had to put the question somewhere.

Thanks in advance

John Duncan

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Jan 8, 2008
Well, R5 is available on the internet - wheher this is the same as internet radio (ie can be picked up by media streamers) or not is another question, and one I will try and find the answer to. But you are correct, bit rates on internet radio (and also Freeview radio) are generally higher or at least as good) as DAB. Can't think of a DAB station that isn't available with a better bit rate elsewhere.....

From what you say, the Sqeezebox does seem like a good option, provided you can stream the stations you want - will get on it....

John Duncan

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Jan 8, 2008
Google 'AlienBBC', which is an add-on for squeezeserver (or whatever it's called this week), which should allow you to stream BBC stations to a Squeezebox.


Thanks John

After a fun day out dodging the showers it was good to come home to your reply. I am starting to make some sense of all this (No mean feat for a 51 year old who, until 6 mths ago, did not even own an MP3 player let alone start worrying about WiFi or internet radio stations!).

Slim Devices are certainly the people, the 'enablers', behind Logitech's sqeezebox technology so that link is spot on for what I was after. I will need to spend a little more time trawling through as it may still show that AlienBBC could also work with other devices, such as the Revo, or conversely, that all the stations I want are available through Reciva.

.......or even try installing Slimserver straight on to the Mac?.

I'll post back - I'm installing (or will attempt to) Elgato Diversity + EyeTV 3 so I can record and download to my iPod Touch - so this evening may prove an 'interesting' one.

Thanks again


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