DAB Live Text problem on Denon DM37


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Aug 10, 2019
I hope someone can help me as this is driving me nuts.

I have just taken delivery of a new Denon RCD-M37DAB unit. When I put it on the DAB radio the sound is fine and I can receive many of the stations. However the the Live (scrolling) text is a problem.

Usually when I first turn the unit on the text scrolls across fine for a while and then, for seemingly no reason, the word "Root" appears, scrolls to the left hand corner and from then on the scrolling stops and is replaced with garbled static text consiting of a few letters and/or numbers separated by dots.

At this time I can no longer switch to the other information screens which usually detail things such as signal strength, date & time etc. If I press the volume control, the volume number does appear but when it goes back to the Live Text screen it is still stuck.

However if I switch the source to any of the other inputs such as CD or iPod and then switch back to the tuner the Live Text works again beautifully until the next time. I have been unable to contact denon support abvout this. My supplier, SuperFi, has offered to take the unit back and replace it if faulty but I am loath to do this as it could be a while, before I receive the replacement unit.

Does anyone know if this sounds like a faulty unit or something that occurs in DAB for other resons such as signal strength. I am using the supplied indoor antenna and the signal strength is generally good but I have noticed that it is subject to some fairly large fluctuations anywhere between 40 and 100.


I haven't tried that but do you think it would work. After all, switching to CD and then back to tuner again clears it. Or do you perhaps think that it might remove the behaviour for good?