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Aug 10, 2019

My current set-up comprises of the relaunched Audiolab 8000S integrated amplifier + 8000CD player, with Quad 12L speakers. I am keen to add a tuner with DAB capability (one was promised by Audiolab in the promotional literature at the time I purchased the amp/CD player, but has never materialised). A quick scan of the web reveals that the DAB format may well be joined or replaced by DAB+ in the next few years.

The Denon TU1800DAB has been much promoted by What Hifi. I also like the Marantz ST7001, which includes a timer to enable timed recordings to be made. Both have optical out. However, should the DAB+ format be adopted in the next few years either tuner would eventually become redundant.

The Onkyo T-4555, with it's slightly odd appearance, is the only hifi tuner I can find which has the option of upgrading should the DAB+ format eventually be adopted. This is done by replacing the tuner card, which slots into the back of the device. On the downside the Onkyo tuner doesn't have optical out.

Are any other manufacturers likely to bring out a tuner which either supports both DAB formats, or which can be upgraded to DAB+ in the future? I don't want to end up waiting for ever!



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John Duncan

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Jan 8, 2008
Ah ok - I was going to suggest a freeview box, since most of the stations you mention broadcast in higher bitrates on there than on DAB, but Classic FM isn't on freeview..........


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