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Dr Beat

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Sep 15, 2008
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Hi all

I recently set up a second set in my study , measuring about 12x12 feet. My second set up comprise of Cyrus Dac XP, X power x2, and a XTse. I am using Atlas Hyper 3 IC and speaker cables. Currently I am using a pair Of Spendor SA1 for this set up. Unfortunately, my ears find the set up lacking detail and resolution.

If I wanted to change to another standmount to tackle this, which speakers should go on my audition list? Would the pro ac tablette do? Or pmc 22. My budget is about £1000-1500. Or would the atc 19 do.

A friend also suggested to change to silver IC and speaker cables. Would changing to silver help?

Many thanks for all suggestions, appreciate the advice.

Frank Harvey

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Jun 27, 2008
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Your suggestions of the ProAc Tablette and PMC Twenty.21's or .22's are excellent ones. Both of these brands worth well with Cyrus, and are both relatively easy to drive for your X Powers. You could also look at the Dynaudio's Focus 110's, and maybe even the ProAc D1's (although you should find the Tablette more what you're looking for).


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Dec 24, 2008
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Worth considering the KEF R300's too, as it's more detail you are after. They won't disappoint on that front, as long as you have room for them.

I have the spendor SA1's with Cyrus, surprised you don't like the combo :cry:

IMO the detail is there, just presented subtly rather than in your face. If it doesn't suit tho theres plenty of other options at least!


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