Cyrus DAC XP - upgrade to DAC XP+ or buy new separate DAC?


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Jun 12, 2010
Hi everyone

I've never been that impressed with the DAC on the Cyrus DAC XP (though I find the analogue pre-amp section excellent). Is it worth upgrading to the DAC XP+ or should I buy a new DAC, for more or less the same money (say Audiolab M-DAC), and just use the (excellent) pre-amp on the XP? To complicate things I've also heard that the DAC XP+ is rather long in the tooth and will be replaced in the not too distant future. Does anyone know of when? Is it worth hanging on? :?

Thanks for your feedback.


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Apr 24, 2012
There are a lot of folks & journalists out there who think the Cyrus DAC XP is "long in the tooth" and prime for an

upgrade. Over on another forum the consensus was that the MDAC is a better DAC than that found in the XP although the Cyrus Preamp was the finer.

It can't take that much for Cyrus to release the DAC XP2+ at a £3-400 upgrade to fight back at the AudioLab although it could be that their R&D has been focused on their V2 streaming devices so it may be a while.

Be interested in what others (you know who you are) think

Frank Harvey

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Jun 27, 2008
The DACxp was only upgraded to the Plus version a couple of years ago (if I recall correctly), and as we know, higher end products don't really change that often. Whoever said that might have been thinking of the when the original DACxp was introduced. The DACxp+ is a very strong product, and does an excellent job in a full X300 monoblocked/bi-amplified Cyrus system driving revealing speakers including the KEF Blades and ProAc Carbon 6's. The upgrade to the Plus version will be well worth it, and will add to the resale value should you decide otherwise. The DACxp (upgraded to a Plus) will outlast other products in your system, and based on what I've heard, should see you through a few upgrades before drawing attention to itself.



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