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Cyrus CD6 SE vs Rega Apollo


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Feb 7, 2009
Does anyone know if the Rega Apollo uses Cyrus servo technology? One of the stand outs of the cyrus is the new servo evolution technology. In this stereophile article, they talk about sharing servo tech with another British company:

This does pre-date the latest Cyrus gear though. So maybe not...

The world has moved on since then, for better and for worse: better in the sense that digital sound has continued to improve, worse in the sense that the major corporations with the technology for making integrated digital control systems—the basic servo and data-control chipsets—have shifted their focus toward DVD and away from the humble music-only compact disc. That state of affairs has prompted Gandy and company to tap a different technology source, and to launch an entirely new player: the $995 Rega Apollo.
As Gandy puts it, "If we go back three years, that's when 'the big five' stopped supplying kit to specialist manufacturers. And all of them rely on chipsets or transports or whatever from Sony, Philips, and the rest. Around the same time, CD-player sales were decreasing. So Rega got together with two other specialist manufacturers in the UK, and we eventually found a company near Cambridge that had foreseen this hole in the market, with all the Japanese companies pulling out. They predicted, correctly, that a number of people would continue to want to make boomboxes in China, so they developed their own chipsets, and not just the software."
Gandy can't name the UK company in question—his relationship with them involves a confidentiality agreement—but he says that both they and Rega stand to benefit. "We agreed to work with them at the debugging stage, to help work out various problems—which their Chinese clients are in less [of] a position to do—and in exchange Rega gets to buy chipsets in small quantities."

Full Article: http://stereophile.com/cdplayers/606rega/


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Apr 16, 2009
EvilWolf:No, it certainly does not.

I think Rega developed their own OS for the apollo and saturn. The drive system seems to be fairly standard. The Apollo sounds heaps better to my ears tho'. (To be fair I think any box with Rega on it sounds better than any box with Cyrus on it, it's a good job we are all different)


I'd go for the Rega Apollo too, personally. I had this with the Roksan Kandy LIII amp and B&W 685 speakers and they were sublime.

Sometimes I wonder if we really need anything more.



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