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Aug 20, 2007
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I know it is subjective but i am interested in buying a 6 series cyrus amp and cd player and am wondering how they would match with my kef iq5's in a 5m by 3m lounge with the speakers in a corner around 4 feet apart. Would they be shown up and not get anywhere near getting the best out of the cyrus? I would plan for new speakers but not for a few months. I have heard and liked the cyrus with BR5's if that is any help and prefer a wide sound.


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Sep 6, 2007
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Im not a massive fan of Kef. I dont know why but they just dont do it for me. We auditioned the Kef IQ5 speakers along with B&W, Acoustic Energy and M/A and non of them sounded anywhere near as good as the B&W speakers with the Cyrus amp and CD player we went for.

We auditioned the B&W CM7, 684's and 683s along with Cyrus 6 amp and CD player as well as the Cyrus 8 amp and CD player and they blew all other speakers out of the water.

We eventually went for the CM7 speakers as theyre quite a compact floor stander but sound and look amazing. The clarity of the mid range and treble is fantastic and the punch/crispness of the bass is amazing.

Theyre in a 5m by 4m room, so not much different than yours. It does make a difference with what music you listen too, but i cant stop singing praise for the CM7 speakers. Theyre damn good!


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