Cyrus 8xpd Muting and flashing red power light


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Aug 10, 2019
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I have had a Cyrus 8xpd QX for under a year and have noticed that when using one ditigal input after a while (and quite randomly) the sound just disappears. Turning the amp off and on again fixes this. Have only noticed it on one digital input as this one is used for TV and is on a lot of the time - when running a CD through another digital input this doesn't seem to happen (but then again I don't listen to CDs for 8 hours straight).

It doesn't happen all the time - just now and again.

When turning the amp on this morning it would not power up - the power light just kept flashing red. Unplugging from the mains and trying again fixed this.

The amp is on standby all the time.

Anyone else exeprienced this? Is it one of those things? Should I get it back to the dealer within the initial 12 month warranty?



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