Cyrus 8XP Cyrus 8VS Integrated Amps


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Aug 4, 2011
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Hi All

I've been looking at some s/hand Cyrus 8VS amps and I'm wondering if anyone can tell me how it stacks up against the new 8XP? I'm on a budget and cannot afford the new model but would like to hear opinions on the old model.

My current speakers are Quad 22L2 floorstanders. Good match?

Thanks in advance,



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Sep 1, 2010
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I've heard the 8VS2 and I thought it was a cracking amp. Really great clarity, control and fantastic sound stage. I think I heard it on the end of a pair of Neat speakers, which was a good combo. I used to have a 6VS with a pair of Quad 11Ls which was great for vocals/mid range, but a bit woolly in the bass department. The 8VS2 was a big step up from that, and would have been worth the extra cash if I hadn't gone down the pre-power route.

I guess it depends what you are moving up from - what are you using at the moment?

I seem to recall the 8VS2 was about £900 when they were new, and they hold their value well on the ebay market, so if you get one for a fair price then you can always sell on if you don't like it. I think you will though....and you can also upgrade later by adding a power amp or psx-r.


The Cyrus 8VS2 is still a superb amp and hell of a good buy. The QUAD 22L2 speakers are also brilliant so I'd say you'd have a very good combo there.

The 8XP is a stonking amp as well but in all honesty; for me there's not that much in it

The QUAD's are fairly smooth and can punch very deep when it comes to bass so the slight forwardness of the Cyrus amp will work well with the QUAD's overall sound making for a very fast, well timed and punchy soundstage

IMO an added PSX-R (also 2nd hand) would be a good addition or future upgrade for the 8VS2 amp but dont forget; it's also upgradable to the later XP range if you want to go down that route

Good cable is needed and I would look at the likes of the QED Revelation or Chord Odyssey 2 cable is a minimum; also stick to single wiring with some added speaker cable jumpers (i.e. QED or Chord ones off eBay) and remove the OEM spaeaker cable jumper bars

What music do you generally listen to Jamie?