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Aug 10, 2019
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My wife hates any visible TV/audio stuff so we have a big cabinet where all the stuff is hidden apart from 2 stereo speakers on the bookshelves above.
Currently the main cabinet (112cm wide x 68cm high) holds a CTV, hi-fi seperates, a virgin box and an xbox 360. All controlled via a universal remote. The TV sound goes through the stero amp at present. There are two 54cm x 68cm cupboards to the side but they are covered up when doors of main cupboard are open.

So the problem:
- want as big a TV as possible (37 or 40 inch)
- but want to be able to control virgin+, Xbox 360, Wii and new 5.1 amp
- and make speakers as discrete as possible without being so small they are rubbish

- Re the TV - the new 37 "LCD Panny (think TX-37LZD70) looks great with good SD (what we will watch the most in short/medium term) and fits perefctly width-wise whilst leaving room for 360, virgin+ and wii to be visible and so controllable
- but can't see amp? Guess solution to put amp in side cupboard (all cupboards deep with back ventillation). Perhaps one using HDMI link (CEC?) would allow amp to be controlled by tv remote even if in a different cupboard. Else will need to use something to pick up signal from uni-remote and pass into side cupboard (or behind TV in main cupboard)

So issues/questions:
- All manufacturers seem to have a HDMI CEC link but give different names, eg Viera link, theatre sinc, ragza link etc - presume all work together as same standard? Sure I read somewhere about a tosh TV working with a sony amp for example?
- Any idea if there is a device that will pick up xbox 360 and wii controller signals and resend to a different location (eg closed cupboard if pick bigger TV)
- My xbox 360 is an old one - no HDMI out - so use component. The Panny TV identified doesn't upscale component output to 1080p so will be 1080i only - not sure if that's a big issue. If it is either need to upgrade 360 or change TV (then sixze issues) or get an upscalin AV Receiver. any thoughts/recommendations on this welcome
- Would put TV o na cantilver bracket so can swing out and get access to space and plugs (and perhaps equipment) behind - any recommendations for the Panny 37"
- Would you advixse putting thew sub-woofer in the cabiner behind the TV or to the side between the cabinet and the side wall (20sm max width there) - Any nice small discrete speaker recomendations - Finally a really dumb question: If I have an xbox 360, Wii, VCR and potentially Blu-ray/HD-DVD player is it best to link these first to an AV receiver then to the TV or connect all to the TV then output sound via HDMI to the amp all in one go? Clearly latter assumes all upscaling is done by input device.

Any help/advice welcome




Hi David. What do you own now that you want your future set-up to work with and what do you intend to buy?

All that talk of xbox's, Wii, VCRs, amps, cabinets etc plus mountingss speakers and sub-woofer placements, even before your TV wishes are dealt with has left me gasping for breath!!


Trade in your wife for a new model who will let you have a proper AV set up.


[quote user="Strodo"]Trade in your wife for a new model who will let you have a proper AV set up.[/quote] absolutely a man should be allowed have his bits on show his living room!


Ah guess depends if you think your bits are worth showing...Also doubt if wife has much trade in value or I could afford new model.

I'm guessing that mostly will have all new stuff. Only stuff that will be constant will be xbox 360 (used foir gaming by my kids plus DVD) and old panny vtr used mostly by my daughter for barbie videos. Plan is to use current stereo hi-fi set up for music and have parallel system for home cinema. Also likely to get new pc in next room (linlked) with blu-ray and hd-dvd drive (see aldi website).



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