Creating a starter system...your thoughts please


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Aug 10, 2019
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Thinking of getting a marantz sr6006 av amp, and run my old monitor audio bronze floor standers in a 2 channel mode in bi amp mode. Running ps3 and apple tv (2 nd gen with hard drive).

Any thoughts on this combo, could you recommend better?

Then in time add centre and surround by eBay purchases. Would kef eggs work as rears (wife friendly)?

What sub would you recommend for around £250 -300?

Thanks in advance for your replays...


Apologies, my mistake, seems I have 1st gen mk 2.

Have you considered jailbreak in your Atv? May be able to connect hard drive this way.....

I prefer the old sytem that would sync the apple tv to keep it updated, when you opened iTunes on your computer, like one big iPod. Best thing is, you don't need to have your computer switched on as it would play music (or other media) stored on the hard drive. See link below for nostalgia...


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