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Jul 29, 2010
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I'm fascinated by all kinds of audiophile insanity, for example, cable "burn-in". However, I think I have just found the most bonkers accessory ever: P.W.B. Special One Drop Liquid

I recommend you check this out via Google - but here is a paragraph to whet your appetite:

The daily dietary requirement of salt and sugar is the chemical requirement that the body requires to manipulate the energy patterns absorbed by our bodies. To demonstrate the inverse pattern formation on objects which fill the modern environment, simply place salt on one face and sugar on another face of the object. Stimulate your sense of hearing by listening to music, then remove the salt and sugar. The effect on the senses is usually quite profound. The effect is particularly noticeable if the faces of a NON playing Compact Disc or vinyl record is manipulated by placing salt (in a small bag) on one face and sugar (in a small bag) on the other face.

Has anyone found a more lunatic accessory than this?


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Aug 6, 2009
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Equally looney:

Anything from Machina Dynamica, such as "brilliant pebbles", their "clever little clock" (of which there's even a "signature" version), "blue meanies", "white poppy", "teleportation tweak", "mind lamp"... the list goes on.

Similarly whacky are perhaps many things fom the stable of Acoustic Revive, like the SR-77 Schumann Resonator which generates an inaudible 7.83 hz... to bring your listening room in tune with the earths natural resonance. Or their RGC-24 Ground Conditioner... basically a pile of crushed rock in a metal tub which you link to your equipments' earth. On a similar theme, there's the Shakti Stone - a slab of something or other that you simply place on your equipment to absorb electromagnetic energy, and often disregarded as nonsense (mostly by those who've never tried it, but a few who have).

Then there's Peter Belt's products... Apart from the "Special One-drop liquid" you mention, there's also "Rainbow Foil" amongst much other madness... the later being famed for creating one of the longest forum debates in history such is its controversial nature!

Or how about Quantum products - Nordosts' QX2/QX4, Russ Andrews Clarity Products, Walker Velocitor etc etc? Supposedly, these work by some kind of Magnetic Field generation, and without necessarily having to connect any of them to your hi-fi or home cinema equipment, can make it sound better?

Google any of the above for reviews, and however implausible or whacky they may sound to you and I, many swear they do work... even a few of these products have won magazine awards!


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