Crash course on freeview recording please


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Aug 8, 2007
I havent been paying attention when reading the magazine and need some basic pointers on how to go about recording freeview.

Presently i have the little sony box they used to make and its still going strong after 4 years. Ive started to listen to freeview radio using the 3.5 jack straight into my stereo int amp phono inputs and it sounds better than my Cambridge DAB.

A lot of progammes i listen to are on late at night and i would like to record them so i guess the easiest thing to do would be to buy a humax recorder or something like that but it looks to me that the audio output is optical only , no good if you are using a stereo amplifier. Can someone put me right on this and tell me what options i have. If i have to replace the sony i would like something as good in the audio department.

John Duncan

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Jan 8, 2008
Although older ones like the 9200 only have a Scart and a digital out. You can always get a Scart which hives off the audio outs into separate phono plugs, or an adapter that does the same thing.


Can recommend buying the latest Sony RDR-HXD995....£280.

Great for recording Freeview, upscales TV to 1080P, and sounds very good on music with CD's ripped onto its Hard Drive.


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